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As a mixed breed, the Australian Poodle does not have a specific “breed standard.” So all the features we’ll mention below are just an observation of how Aussiedoodles tend to turn out most of the time and what are the broad ranges of parts you can expect to see; this is the case with any crossover. Also, while we use the term “Australian Poodle” here because it’s pretty popular, remember that the official name for this breed is the Aussiedoodle. It’s not just an Australian version of the Poodle; there’s 50% Shepherd in this mix.

The exact size of these dogs may vary slightly depending on the parent Poodle:

Most blue merle aussiedoodle will be a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Standard Poodle (the largest); however, compounds with a Medium Poodle or even a Toy Poodle are also possible. This is why you will often see the shorter height range of Aussiedoodles listed at around 10 to 15 inches at the shoulder (25 to 38cm). However, most times, an Aussiedoodle made from a Standard Poodle will have the following parameters: 18 to 23 inches tall at the withers (46 to 58 cm) and 40 to 70 pounds adult weight (18 to 32 inches). Kg).

The Aussiedoodle’s coat can also be of several types:

This is where the good variety of this cross comes into play: the coat. It’s also one of the main reasons dogs like the Australian Shepherd mix with poodles: to try and gain access to the Poodle’s wonderfully curly, hypoallergenic coat. However, because this is a crossbreed, the Australian Poodle Shepherd mix can have a poodle coat, a shepherd’s coat, or a combination of both. So, you can expect to see something similar:

• A single-level coat and low spreading with curls like the channel

• A double layer of coating that launches more considerably

• Or a shorter double-layer layer that is still launched a little

The colors of this crossing can also be everywhere. They can be black and light brown (the “ghost”), blue or red, saber, black, white, tricolor red, or even a solid color. Fortunately, approximate color and coat type should be relatively easy to tell apart after the eighth week, especially with the breeder nearby.

The Australian Poodle is exceptionally intelligent and easy to train

The herding and hunting dog breeds are the two most intelligent dogs, and the Australian Poodle is both. Therefore, you can expect to get a brilliant dog if you adopt or buy an Aussiedoodle. Also, herding and hunting dogs are very easy to train, and the same goes for the Aussiedoodle. This means that as long as you receive basic obedience training early in your puppy’s life, you should easily be able to teach your Aussiedoodle everything you could teach any other dog breed. Basic commands, complex tricks, and even intricate work tasks are all possible for this brainy dog.

These dogs can be very social and outgoing with the proper training

The blue merle aussiedoodle Kansas city isn’t just affectionate with its own family—this breed can also be very social and friendly with guests, strangers on the street, children, other dogs, and even non-canine pets like cats. How is it possible? It’s simply in his nature!

Of course, essential socialization will still be required from the start. Without it, even the social Aussiedoodle can become antisocial. But even with a bit of socialization, this crossbreed can quickly start to get along with everyone he meets pretty easily. Essential supervision will still be required when dealing with very young children, but only to prevent accidents such as falls or bumps, nothing more.

Needs plenty of exercises, both physically and mentally

As a descendant of herding and hunting dogs, the Aussiedoodle is highly athletic and energetic. This dog needs to run, he needs to play, and he needs to solve various complex mental and physical exercises every day. This means a minimum of 2 hours of outdoor time a day, typically divided into two separate outings.

If you have a spacious and well-fenced yard, that’d be a great boon for this breed, but it wouldn’t replace the need for dedicated outdoor time – it’d just be a nice extra. Another important “extra” would be longer weekend trips to other parks and hiking. Swimming is also an excellent playtime for the Aussiedoodle.


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