Good lighting can make a big difference, especially when it comes to a space that acts as your retreat and allows you to enjoy serene sleep. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the most happening peaceful space in your house- the bedroom. 

The home decor, the curtains, the color scheme, and the furniture of your bedroom matters a lot because the bedroom is the last thing you see before going to sleep and the first thing you see after waking up. After returning from a rough day at work, the bedroom is the place you seek and expect to energize you for the next day. 

So, whether you are thinking about enjoying just your space or a serene sleep, the bedroom should never look dull. One way to cheer up the space without going through big makeovers that might cost you an arm and a leg is to use the lighting wisely. 

Many people don’t realize how important the lighting of the bedroom is and when you don’t pay attention to the lighting, even the finest piece of furniture, extravagant curtains, and antique pieces can’t save your bedroom from looking dull, boring, and uninviting. Sound like a nightmare? Don’t worry, we are here to help you embrace lighting in the bedroom. Keep reading to stay illuminated. 

Four cans and a fan

The one lighting blunder that you should always avoid in bedroom is using the four cans and a fan theme. This is the most common lighting setup that you might find in most houses and that’s why it is also the most common lighting mistakes. 

The four cans and a fan setup features a ceiling fan at the center of the room and a recessed is used to light every corner of the ceiling. This is a very common geometrical layout that has now become obsolete and it no longer does justice to the modern bedroom interior design

The four cans and a fan setup results in the light shining where it is not needed and it leaves more frequented areas of the bedroom dark. Instead of overhead lighting, you should integrate layers of lighting as it makes more sense. Strategic positioning of lighting is the key here. 

Too bright or just no light 

You might not know but our eyes keeps on adjusting throughout the day and therefore, the lighting should do the same. If you are still stuck with the outdated idea of just having the optiosn to switch the lights ‘on’ and ‘off’ then you might need an upgrade, especially in your bedroom. 

Try to add controllors and dimmers to make the most of your lighting setup. Having more controls to change the brightness of the light allows you to change set the right mood for the right time. 

At night, you should use the controller to dim the light, if you are not reading and give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness you are about to enter before sleep. This way, you can enjoy a more serene sleep and it will obviously be a soul satitaing experience, not for you sleep cycle only but for the bedroom interior design as well. 

Using only one type of light 

There are three main categories of light-

  • Accent lighting 
  • Task lighting, and
  • Ambient lighting

The one mistake people usually make is they use only one of these three lights. A lighting setup that includes only a single type of light can make even the most enticing bedroom look dull and flat and it can even cause inconvenience to the eyes. 

Installing lights on high ceiling 

Using recessed lights on a high ceiling might not work because the light is going to be too far from the activity area and it is never going to be focused enough. Because the light will be scattered, it can turn a brightly lit bedroom look like a dark dungeon. This should be avoided at all cost whlie choosing LED lights for bedroom. 

To avoid the mistake, dividing the bedroom into three sections is something you could go with. This is what interior designers call as the Rule of Thirds. For example, while decorating the bedroom, you should divide it into 3 sections. The first one obviously the ceiling, the second one where you will hang wall arts and third will be furniture and floors. 

Whether you are buying ambient lighting or LED lights for bedroom, you should always use a strategic approach otherwise you will end up making your bedroom look like a hospital ward. Try using layers, avoid using single type of lighting and always buy quality lighting fixtures that lasts longer than your expectation.