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Cars and motorcycles are beneficial modes of transport that have their differences and similarities. However, some people prefer bikes over cars and here are the three reasons why.


Firstly, buying a motorcycle is cheaper than buying a car. Although the cost depends on the bike’s make and model, you cannot compare the two. In some cases, the bike may be half the purchase price of a vehicle. This is a huge difference if you are planning to save money. Additionally, you will pay less to rent a motorcycle than a car.

Another reason why motorcycles are more affordable than cars is their gas mileage. On average, a bike consumes about a gallon for every 35 or 40 miles, depending on the type of gas you are using. However, this usage is undeniably lower than that of gasoline-powered cars.

Moreover, a bike has a smaller engine, smaller tank, and lighter body weight, meaning that the fuel cost is also lower. You can also save fuel if you rent or purchase a motorcycle with higher energy efficiency. Alternatively, you can comply with various rules for increasing fuel efficiency. These include maintaining the engine and using properly-inflated tires.

Additionally, repairing and maintaining a motorcycle is cheaper than a car because the former has fewer parts and requires less labor. When a car gets involved in a road accident or breaks down unexpectedly, you will need to take it to the garage for the mechanics to fix it. On the contrary, most motorcycle riders know how to make quick fixes and can repair their bike without professional assistance.

It is also crucial to know that motorcycle insurance rates are lower than car insurance rates. Therefore, owning or renting a bike is an excellent option for people on a budget.

Bikes Need Less Space

Obviously, motorcycles need less space than cars because they have a smaller size. This factor plays a vital role when you are looking for a parking space or maneuvering the road. A bike allows you to save room for other activities in your garage since it can fit in a tight spot. Some owners even park them inside their houses.

With a car, you need adequate parking space where you can easily turn and open the doors. Parking in a smaller area can cause you to hit walls or other cars. Consequently, this will cause a dent or wear off the paint, leaving you with additional expenses. The size of the parking space required usually depends on the size and model of your car, but it is definitely larger than that of a motorcycle.

The smaller size of your motorcycle also enables you to easily beat the traffic. Bikes can quickly move in between cars whenever there are in a traffic jam. The advantage is that you will not disrupt the pedestrians on the road or cause any trouble with the traffic police.

Driving through the traffic allows you to reach your destination faster and save time. On the other hand, it is easy to get stuck in traffic when driving a car. Moreover, you may need to speed to reach your destination faster, even when there is little to no traffic.

Riding Bikes is More Fun

Riding a bike alone or with your friends can bring you great joy and peace. Additionally, riding on a country road with the wind blowing in your hair and the sun shining on you is a fantastic experience.

The ability to breathe fresh air, zoom along different routes, and discover new places enables you to connect better with nature and improve your mental health. This explains why many bike owners make riding a hobby.

Driving a car is different because it has a design that ensures comfort and relaxation. This prevents you from enjoying the breeze or getting a real sense of the exciting environment on the road. Also, being stationary behind the wheel can sometimes be boring and tiresome. Most motorcycle riders would describe the driving experience as mundane.


In summary, riding a motorcycle is more affordable and offers a more enjoyable experience than driving a car. It also helps you to save space and time when commuting to work or a travel destination. If you cannot afford to purchase a bike, you can consider renting one from a reliable dealer.

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