Are you looking for places where you can find budget friendly cotton shirts but have no idea where to look? Then wait no further; you are in the right place. There are several options for you to find something at a lower cost in Pakistan, from t-shirts to jeans and cotton shirts.

Ranging from the highest to the lowest prices, you can find many options online and on site as well.

Cotton shirts are the talk of the town these days, and everyone wants to get their hands on one with the best quality and the lowest price possible. Below are some of the options from where you can find budget friendly cotton shirts in Pakistan without a second thought about compromising their quality.

1- Outfitters

Outfitters is a renowned brand that everyone in Pakistan knows about. At least once in your lifetime, it would be best if you visited this place. With its constant sale throughout the year, many find outfitters very reasonable.

Outfitters is a fashion label that was established in 2003 for the vivacious young of Pakistan who likes expressing themselves via the newest lifestyle trends, whether they be in fashion, music, technology, or social media.

Outfitters provides distinct product lines to meet the needs of various market sectors.

Outfitters has successfully established 120+ stores across 20 cities in Pakistan as well as a rapidly expanding online store, all of which have been carefully merchandised to cater to their customers, letting them build a closet that represents them as well as their personal style.

The cotton shirts are of top quality, and everyone adores the designs and colors it has. You should definitely try getting your hands on an Outfitters cotton shirt if you are looking for a good quality shirt at a reasonable price.

2- Corroborate

A fairly new brand, Corroborate has made its way up pretty quickly. It has been everyone’s favorite with its top-notch quality and great bright colors. The prices are budget friendly; everyone can easily afford such cotton shirts, and you can easily find pure cotton shirts under 5000 PKR.

With a small group of skilled designers, Corroborate launched small-scale clothes manufacturing business. Over time, the company evolved into a bright and prominent fashion house with the mission to pioneer unique trends in clothing and accessories.

Corroborate constantly makes an effort to present a wide range of diversity for both genders with top-notch content at reasonable costs. One of their biggest concern is to keep the client satisfied with the product and the price.

The wide variety of choices that you can choose from in their catalog is something that makes Corroborate so much better than every other brand; if you have not yet tried any Corroborate cotton shirts, you are missing out.

3- Diners

Everyone has heard about Diners by now, a brand that has been around in Pakistan for a while and has been everyone’s first choice when searching for any cotton shirt. Going out on a dinner, or have any office meeting and got nothing to wear? You can easily find any Diners outlet right across your street.

Since 1990, Diners has worked in the fashion sector. They are dedicated to providing excellent and outstanding customer service in order to satisfy their consumers.

One of the most reputable manufacturers and retailers of full men’s, women’s, children’s, and footwear that is used globally is Diners. They put a lot of exertion into raising the bar, and the result is a strong growth rate at a low cost.

The collections are made on a foundation of ongoing research into high-quality raw materials, the introduction of novel yarns and weaving and dyeing processes, finishing, and exceptional performance.

Diners do not compromise on its quality; the soft fabric and the lower prices with its constant sale are a cherry on top for all the customers.

4- C&C Shirts

C&C has been the talk of the town, ranging from fancy to sophisticated and simple cotton shirts; C&C has been the talk of the town, a new sensation that every man would love to try at least once. If you are looking for some printed, Van Gogh styled cotton shirts; then this is your place!

The prices are surprisingly low for the good quality that they provide, along with the designs and prints that they have. One should for sure try their printed or artistic shirts if they are looking for something fancy in cotton, which would be light on your pocket too.

5- Uniworth

Since its founding in 1971, Uniworth has been a leader in the fashion apparel industry. The first and oldest menswear company in Pakistan is Uniworth. Their clothing covers all circumstances that call for that extra touch of elegance, from attending a high-profile conference to a stylish dinner party or from the next polo match to the next golf session. It ranges from smart casual to dressy.

Uniworth is a leading online clothing shop where you can easily find cotton shirts; the icing on the cake is the fact that this shop is completely online. You can easily browse through their catalog and see the best of their products online, and your shirt is just a few clicks away.

They are the first ever well-known firm to give “made-to-measure” services and a range of premium fabric selections so that customers may choose and take advantage of personalized stitching services based on their preferences.

The simple yet great quality cotton shirts are a guarantee that this brand should be your go-to place, especially when you do not have time to travel and buy your shirts on site. Everyone adores the budget friendly shirts.

6- Bumrano

You can find the best budget friendly cotton shirts on Bumrano. With its seasonal sale, you can easily find the best cotton shirts from this outlet. Spread all over Pakistan, it will not be a hassle for you to find Bumrano from your nearest mall or market. From KPK to Punjab and Sindh, they are all over the place.

Their wide variety of checkered, simple, and solid cotton shirts is what makes the customers fall in love with their products. It would be best if you got your hands on their great quality shirts. If you have not yet, you will not regret it.

7- Cotton Attire

If you are looking for cotton shirts and you have not yet visited cotton attire, then you sure are missing out on some great quality stuff. This prestigious menswear brand, which has been in business since 2017, provides a vast selection of the highest-quality cotton shirts in both formal and semi-formal styles.

In order to uphold its claim of having the greatest quality in town with the lowest or most reasonable prices, Cotton Attire promises that its fabric is the most dependable and is not a mix. Their selection includes popular fabric patterns like checkered and plaid, giving the local market and clientele a high-quality offering.


You will find many more places from where you can find budget friendly cotton shirts easily, but these are some of the top brands where the quality, as well as the prices, are all in your favor. These trusted and loved by all brands are to be found all over Pakistan.

We hope that the above mentioned brand helped you in getting that perfect cotton shirt you were looking for! We wish you a stroke of good luck on your hunt to get the best budget friendly shirts!

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