Both offer the same features and pricing, but Centricity EMR costs less than ChARM EMR. Both systems integrate with each other and offer the same functionality. Both offer similar design features. Which is the best? Learn more about each. We compare both healthcare software solutions.

CharmHealth is an excellent choice for small medical offices. It is easy to use and simple. It supports responsive HTML5 technologies that can be used on multiple platforms. It’s mobile-compatible which makes it ideal for telehealth. Charm Health does not charge sales tax. There is no need to decide which healthcare software you want. You should thoroughly review the features and pricing before making a decision.

Both products offer comprehensive functionality and support to their users. Both products are inexpensive, but you might be limited in the number and types of user licenses you can use. Enterprise plans permit unlimited users to practice and provide E prescriptions. These features will likely cost more. Enterprise plans include additional features such as TeleHealth, unlimited user accounts, and E-prescriptions.

What is Charm Health?

Charm Health offers a cloud-based health care system. It serves as a hub for all healthcare professionals. There are many pricing options available and you can add on extras to make your experience truly unique.

The EHR, telehealth or patient portal allows providers to keep in touch with patients. They can also store and retrieve digital information. RCM and medical billing enable health care professionals spend more time with patients than managing financial details.

The Essential Features

Video/Audio Consultations Patients can be met virtually via secure audio/video calling, while still adhering with HIPAA regulations.

Secure Messaging Communicate securely with your colleagues and patients using secure text-based communication while adhering strictly to HIPAA regulations.

You don’t need to download anything: Tablets and laptops can access many medical programs without downloading any software. Get instant access from your mobile device by downloading a mobile app

Screen Sharing: Providers and patients can screen share information in a two-way. This allows you to send documents to your patients and share information with your clients.

Connection Speed This adapts to user’s connections and offers better clientele coverage. Audio should not be switched to if connections are below a threshold.

Before you schedule an appointment, share compliance documents with your patients. Instead of wasting time filling out forms, be focused on the client’s needs.

Multi-user Sessions Meet multiple health care professionals. Facilitate provider collaboration, and ensure that all members of the team are informed about the patient’s progress.

Local Recording Refer to past consultations with clients that used recording functions.

Kiosk- Doctors and patients can communicate remotely via a kiosk.

Pricing for Centricity

CharmHealth is cheaper than the industry average.

Charm Health pricing is based on three plans: Provider and Encounter.

Charm Health Free Plan allows for 50 visits per annum. This plan can be augmented. Flexible and pay as you go, the Encounter plan allows you to choose from a variety of options. Each encounter costs $0.50, and you must contribute at least $25 per month. Other features include inventory and task management.

Pricing for the Provider Plan is $350 per Month. The Provider Plan offers 100GB storage and all the benefits of Encounter Plan. Electronic prescription is also possible. All plans include add-ons.

CharmHealth is ranked 4. This article will explain how to calculate CharmHealth’s total cost. This includes customization, data migration, and training.

What is Centricity software?

Centricity, an electronic health record (EHR) that supports practices clinically as well as administratively, is called Centricity. Centricity practice management allows administrators and doctors to manage all aspects associated with running a practice. This includes scheduling appointments, billing, and follow-ups. Centricity’s portal gives you access to patient data and electronic medical record.

The Essential Features

Schedule appointments: Manage special equipment, exam rooms and other items. You will schedule appointments and keep track of at-risk patients. Scheduling can almost be automated, increasing exam room utilization while decreasing no-shows. Patients can also be reminded of their appointments.

Health Analytics This helps to identify patient patterns and gives information to health agencies about how they compare to other practices. These analytics are intended to improve the health of a particular group.

EPrescription This allows doctors and pharmacists to send refill requests directly to pharmacies. It also checks for drug interactions and drug-to-drug interactions based upon the patient’s diagnosis and current medication. This tool helps to track medication and reduces medication errors.

Billing Manager This software automates billing by automatically sending invoices to patients and notifying them of upcoming payments. All code errors are corrected automatically before claims can be submitted. This allows for quicker reimbursement and higher acceptance rates.

Voice Recognition/Handwriting: You can use voice recognition and handwriting tools to quickly and easily create charts and reports. Software is flexible and can adapt to the user’s needs. It allows them to use real-life terminology instead of specific codes.

Self Service Portal Patients and doctors can access the portal to communicate via remote. Patients can use the portal to make appointments, pay bills, and perform other tasks. The portal can be used by patients to send and save messages directly to their doctors.

Pricing for Centricity

Centricity EMR is 9.8 cheaper than its competitors. Customers don’t have many flexible options. To learn more about total cost of ownership (TCO), including data migration, customization and training, you can refer to the article below.

Comparison between Charmhealth and Centricity

Charmhealth and Centricity are two electronic health record (EHR) systems that doctors and other healthcare professionals use. Both systems offer many advantages and key features. However, they also have some key differences. Charmhealth allows web-based access for patient records, scheduling information and billing information. It comes with templates that can be used to perform common charting tasks. It makes it easy for patients and providers to record their visits. Charmhealth, a mobile-based EHR system, includes robust features that allow you to access patient records, schedule appointments, and file claims. It also offers a variety of customization options, allowing providers to customize it to meet their specific needs. Both Centricity and Charmhealth offer a free trial period to allow providers to test the system before they commit.


Both CharmHealth and Centricity are EHRs of the highest quality. Each system is unique, however. We’re happy to show both systems so that you can see the differences in detail. Contact us if you have questions about either system or how they could benefit your medical practice. We’re happy to help!

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