If we talk about Website hosting, it has become a trend to Host a new website on Linux Shared Hosting. But Shared hosting is not secure as other web hosting Types are. Website owners may need to do some additional tasks to secure their Shared Hosting Server.

There are two types of Shared Servers available, windows and Linux Shared Hosting. 

And Linux shared Hosting is a preferable and reliable option. Because Linux provides more security and efficiency to your website than Windows. Also is much cheaper than Windows shared Hosting.

Shared hosting poses several security risks. The purpose of this article is to inform you about those risks and tell you how to overcome them.

Most Common Security Problems in Linux Shared Hosting

In general, shared hosting is the most affordable option for hosting a website. However, every coin has two sides the cheaper the hosting, the less secure it is. You don’t know with whom you are sharing a server, so you have to worry about shared hosting’s security. Your website may suffer if another website hosted on the same server has security-related issues.

Some security problems are listed below-


Since there are so many websites being hosted on the same server and sharing server resources. So, if any website uses more resources to load fast then it affects your website speed because you may have to comprise your resources for another website.

Insufficiency of customization:

Linux shared Web hosting is fully managed by the web hosting company. You don’t have much authority to do any kind of customization on the server. You can’t install any additional security software or application on your server.

Lack of trusted Hosting providers:

There are many web hosting companies are in the market. And it is very difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy company. Shared Hosting is a managed hosting service and it is very important to find a reliable company. Customers suffer as a result of companies not taking care of their servers.

Bad Neighbor:

As is said before that there will be so many websites that are hosted on the same server where your website is hosted. So if any other website doesn’t contain healthy content or has lesser security then it affects all websites that are hosted on that server. Furthermore, if there is a cyber attack on another website, the whole server’s data can be leaked. 

Same Directory:

In Shared Hosting all websites are on the same directory. And if a hacker attacks a single website it can access all Websites through the directory. Hackers can do anything to your Website and can leak your web data as well.

How to Overcome Security Threats in Shared Linux Hosting 

Shared Hosting is an economical option but there are so many security flaws in it. But it doesn’t mean that it is a Bad option for hosting. If you follow some simple and easy Tips then you can secure your Shared Server and overcome those security risks.

  1. Make sure that users are not uploading malicious scripts through the upload section by verifying their input such as text or documents.
  2. A hacker can use a symlink route or a bypass server to breach your server’s security. To prevent that your Hosting provider has to apply Security patches such as. Rock911 patch.
  3. Providers of web hosting must verify new clients’ identities in various ways. They shouldn’t provide hosting services to the client if they find anything suspicious about them.
  4. Install additional Security software on the Server to prevent malicious traffic or DDoS attacks.
  5. Find a Hosting provider that does regular Server monitoring for malicious code uploads.
  6. When buying a hosting service from a web hosting provider, make sure they provide regular security updates and apply security patches.
  7. A free SSL certificate is Compulsory, make sure your web hosting provider gives you a server to SSL encrypted security.


Linux shared Hosting has two faces. One where it is the most affordable and useful hosting service for beginner Websites. And Second where it is a Less secure and less reliable hosting Service. Despite the fact that there are no Web hosting services that are secure themselves. Servers must be secured by web hosting providers through several steps.

Only a trustworthy and reliable web hosting provider can give the best and cheap Linux shared Hosting with robust security. So whenever you look for a web hoting provider must check their reviews and reputation. And also ask their sales team that did they offer a fully secure server or not. And also what is the backup policy of the company?

These are the thing you must need to consider in order to get a Fully secured and best Linux shared Hosting Server.

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