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In this modern era, most businesses are starting to make innovations that can help them improve their customer experiences, one of which is video chat support. Since humans are primarily visual creatures, we learn and communicate more effectively through visuals.

More than 38% of Americans use video chat to communicate with brands and service providers. This number is expected to increase as the number of people working from home increases.

Video chat support is real-time communication where users can hear and see each other through their cameras and microphones. Many businesses use video chat support to improve the customer experience. 

It offers your customer a rich sense of presence and highly collaborative communication due to its real-time nature.

As a result, if your business has not implemented online video chat, you may be missing out on the opportunity to interact with your customers and, thus, revenue. Therefore, we give you five reasons why video chat support is essential for your online store

1. Enables a Better Way of Communication

Video chat support offers a better way of communicating with customers in real-time. It makes everything easy for customers to enable interactive, personalized, and real-time conversations between brands and customers.

For example, when your customers are frustrated with their problems, they can interact face-to-face with your customer service so that customers can easily convey their concerns. Customer chat support can increase customer satisfaction and trust in your business.

2. Offers Greater Opportunities For Upselling & Cross-selling

The following reason is that video chat support can help your business increase sales effectively and efficiently. With a deeper relationship with customers via video chat, the customer service team can build better relationships and gain customers’ trust.

That way, it will be easier for the customer service team to upsell and cross-sell through the screen-sharing tools in the video chat support. This tool allows you to provide advice and solutions to problems and difficulties faced by customers. 

You can share various presentation mediums through screen sharing tools, such as explainer videos, motion graphics videos, photos, data, etc. Thus, you get more significant opportunities, not only in solving problems quickly but also for upselling and cross-selling.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Most customers are more satisfied when they can interact with face-to-face agents who offer an irreplaceable human connection. Therefore, many companies are using video chat support in their customer service.

In addition, video chat support can help them convey messages that are much easier to understand. When the customer service team can understand the process quickly, they will solve the resolution faster. From the customer’s point of view, this will increase their satisfaction.

4. Better Relationships with Customers

Maintaining customer relationships is one of a business’s most important long-term growth. With video chat support, you can have face-to-face interactions with your customers, which shows that your company cares about your customers’ happiness.

Video chat support tends to give a warmer impression than any other media, for example, using only text and voice. Thus, this strategy will undoubtedly improve the relationship between the company, the customer service team, and customers. 

5. Reduce Customer Service Costs

In addition to the above reasons, video chat support is an efficient tool because it can reduce costs while saving customer service time. Especially if your customers are from all over the world, it will cost a lot of money to use a regular phone.

Meanwhile, video chat support allows your business to reach customers from all over the world. That way, you can help your customers in real-time without spending a lot of money, save time, increase efficiency and generate analytics that enable you to improve your business processes.


Customers are the key to every business’s success. Therefore, improving customer service is an important thing that must be implemented in every industry. 

Here is where customer chat support comes through, and there are many benefits for customer chat support mentioned above for your business to compete in today’s business world.

With video chat support, you have provided a broader experience for customers to access your company’s products or services. So, it’s time to start using video chat support in your customer service!

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