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Birmingham is a major city in the United Kingdom with a rather growing number of annual visitors. Located in England’s West Midlands region, Birmingham is a city known for its rich industrial heritage, having taken part in the industrial revolution, and for being an overall manufacturing powerhouse. The city has a relatively diverse population that spans different cultures and backgrounds, thus making it easy for tourists and visitors to settle comfortably in the city. If you happen to find yourself in Birmingham, whether it’s for travel, work, or education, you are guaranteed to find something to do or see. While the city might seem boring on the surface, this could not be further from the truth, Birmingham is home to several hidden gems! So, if you’re headed off there, this list of top attractions in Birmingham will definitely be of use!

This is a hub of art and creativity in Birmingham since 1885. It exhibits a huge collection of art pieces by Pre-Raphaelite painters, as well as works from the the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. For sculptures, you will find multiple art pieces by Rodin and James Tower inside the musuem. The museum also houses interesting exhibits and displays on the city’s history, archaeological artefacts, and ancient wooden toys. This Birmingham attraction is a must-visit for art enthusiasts!

2.  Birmingham Botanical Gardens

For a garden, the botanical gardens is very huge as it is approximately 15 acres. It is easy to get to from the city centre and it houses multiple rare plants and wildlife examples. When you go there, you will find multiple bonsai trees, including one that’s over 250 years old. In addition, you will find more than 7,000 plants from across the globe, including rare tropical plants. The garden is also the home of many rare birds, and a butterfly house. The attraction also features a gift shop, a tearoom, and playgrounds for the kids. This is a guaranteed crowd-favourite that you’ll absolutely enjoy no matter your interests!

3.  Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

This is the place to be for knowledge seekers and eager learners! The Birmingham Science Museum is home to a number of interactive and hands-on science and technology exhibitions. The museum exhibits multiple amazing steam machinery that showcases Birmingham’s role in the industrial revolution, as well as unique exhibits like the chocolate packaging machine and the Spitfire Gallery, with its authentic WWII-era aircraft. Thinktank also has a Science Garden with a human-sized hamster wheel and a planetarium with tours of the stars and planets.

4.  Sea Life Centre Birmingham

This is one of Birmingham’s most frequently visited attractions. The Sea Life Centre is a crowd favourite, with a guaranteed good time in store for everyone! The centre is home to over 60 exhibits with multiple displays of reef sharks to giant turtles. Go to the aquarium to visit rare seahorses, giant octopi, lobsters, crabs, and stingrays. Visitors’ favourite residents, however, are the otters and penguins!

5.  St. Philip’s Cathedral

This is England’s third smallest cathedral and one of Birmingham’s most notable attractions. The cathedral is home to significant treasures that are the highlight of most visitors’ trips to Birmingham. Severa, talks, seminars, exhibits, and concerts take place at this cathedral, so if you’re planning to visit, check out their website for upcoming events!

6.  Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

This is a great place to spend a day outdoors among nature, greenery, and wildlife. This fun location is close to Cannon Hill Park. Go to this small zoo to see red pandas, lemurs, and meerkats. You can engage in feeding and caring for some of the animals there, as well as learn about the lives of different species. Be sure to check the park’s website beforehand for feeding times and the best time to visit certain animals.

7.  Cadbury World

At this unique attractions, visitors learn about history of chocolate, as well as the manufacturing process. Visitors get the chance to learn about the Cadbury business as one of the world’s largest confectioneries, as well as have a chance to enjoy a number of on-site theme-park-like attractions. A couple of fun activities to engage in at Cadbury World include making your own confectionary and shopping at the world’s largest Cadbury’s sweet shop.

8.  Jewellery Quarter

The quarter has more than 200 jewellers’ workshops and silversmiths that produce 40% of Britain’s jewellery. A couple of Birmingham’s lesser-known landmarks can be found in this area, including the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter, which sheds light on the jewellery industry and trade, and the Pen Museum, which is located in the Jewellery Quarter’s old pen factory and showcases the city’s former role as a hotbed of pen making along with the history of writing instruments. A stroll through the Jewellery Quarter is filled with history, culture, and beauty!

9.  Victoria Square and The City Centre

Located in the heart of Birmingham, Victoria Square is a pedestrian-friendly area that can be explored via the Birmingham City Centre Path. This area of Birmingham is full of hidden gems and attractions that visitors often don’t pay much attention to. The square houses two memorials of Queen Victoria and inventor James Watt. Additionally, you’ll find a number of old town buildings from the 1800s, including the attractive old Town Hall with its Victorian architecture, the Renaissance-style Council House, and the impressive Symphony Hall, with its world-class acoustics and stunning auditorium, which regularly features A-list singers and performers and is also home to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. The Central Library can also be found in the area with its vast Shakespeare Collection. All in all, Victoria Square and The City Centre are definite favourites and must-visits while in Birmingham.

Throw any prejudiced opinions you may have of Birmingham away, and explore the city in a brand new light and from a completely new perspective! Of the top attractions in Birmingham, there must be something that aligns with your interests and that you’d definitely find yourself enjoying! So, is it time to board a flight to Birmingham yet?

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