As e-commerce continues to rise steadily because of the pandemic, traditional entrepreneurs are slowly trying to expand their horizons and venture into online selling. However, it may not be easy.

Most first time entrepreneurs online think that peddling products in the inter webs can be quite easy but it can honestly be challenging. This holds true especially as competition grows with companies like Amazon getting into the mix.

You would need to use extra tools such As Zonbase to have an edge over the competition. Fortunately, in this Zonbase review, we will discuss this popular software suite for Amazon sellers worldwide.

Zonbase has been voted as the number one Amazon Software for resellers because of its accuracy and the value it brings your products. In this section, we will discover what the program really is and how it can help you build your own Amazon store without much difficulty.

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Definition of Terms

Zonbase is an all around cloud based solution that can provide help for all Amazon based problems that a newbie retailer can encounter. It offers personalized training programs that will be good for beginners especially if they don’t have a clue about how to start their exclusive online store.

The Basic Features

1. Zonresearch

This program has online selling experts that can back it up and give you a hand anytime you want. You will have access to various tools such as Zonresearch. This tool can help you find high demand products quickly so that you can gather information about the competition without difficulty.

2. The Sales Estimator

Zonbase also comes with a sales estimator which it allows the user to see how much potential sales you can gather from any product that you may want to sell online.

3. Zonbase Extension

Aside from this, Zonbase also has a Chrome extension tool that will allow you to view all information at a glance without spending too much time online. All you have to do is to click the extension button and all pertinent details about certain products will pop up on your screen.

4. Hot Products

This particular tool can also help you search for potential products to sell online. If you are able to discover products before they get popular, it will certainly give you the Porsche you need to start your own business without further ado.

This is what they feature Hot Products will do for you.

5. The Keyword Finder

Once you find the right products, all you need to do now is to find the right keywords to boost your ranks online. Fortunately, Zonbase also has the basic keyword tool that will allow you to search for the right words to use to increase your ranking for the products of your choosing.

It is definitely a tool that can boost your sales without you even having to make too much effort. All you need to do is to download Zonbase and everything else will follow for sure.


As a wrap up to this review, we give this tool about four stars because it can give the user everything he needs in terms of information and data that could help build a reliable online store sooner rather than later.

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