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I say flower. You think rose.

That’s how common and loved roses have been for centuries across different cultures in the world. From Tudor Rose being held as England’s national flower to Shakespeare’s classic reference to roses. They are everywhere. Looking forward to impressing a friend? Or finding that perfect gift for a baby shower? First date?

No matter what the occasion, roses are always here to save the day. Shop them from Roses Only USA offers to get your loved ones their favorite roses.

As many as 30 different shades of roses are available worldwide, but only red, pink, white, and yellow occur naturally. All other shades are cultivated artificially and can be customized to our needs. Here’s the ultimate guide for the color selection to unveil your heart’s content without saying a word.


The classic red rose. A symbol of love, beauty, and perfection, red roses alone represent the entire genre of romance for all generations. As many as 250 million red roses are produced in the world on Valentine’s day alone. It is the time-tested method of conveying your “I love you” in the sweetest, subtlest way. Be it your first date or 50th wedding anniversary, red roses are the finest, classiest way to express your feelings. Say it with style using Roses Only USA coupon codes available on the website.


These spotless milky roses create a sense of peace and harmony within anyone who lays an eye on them. They represent the loyalty and purity of a bond or a person. Traditionally used at weddings, they symbolize new beginnings and give hope for the future. They reflect purity, humility, and innocence with their gleaming beauty.


Available in a variety of shades, pink roses are the epitome of femininity. They represent admiration and appreciation for a person. Their symbolism also changes with a change in their shade. Pale, light colored pink roses represent grace and class. Bright dark colored pink roses describe joy and cheerfulness. They may also represent congratulations over an achievement. Gift a friend a bouquet of pink roses using Roses Only USA promo codes to give them a gentle reminder that you are grateful to have them in your life.


One of the rarest colors out there, Lavender roses represents a baffling desire or enchantment that is often indescribable in words. Got a crush on a guy in your class? These might be the perfect nonverbal cue to give him an idea of your feelings. A darker shade of lavender roses is used to describe royalty and grandeur. Use Roses Only USA coupons to find the rarest of shades out there.


The bright, vibrant orange roses signify energy and excitement. Their glare instantly commands everybody’s attention and makes them an emphatically bold statement of desire. Orange roses can also be used to imply a transition from friendship to a relationship. They are a perfect gift to display your passion for somebody or something in the best way possible. 


With their vivid amber shine, yellow roses stand as a mark of honesty and care. They fill the room with their warmth and are used as a mark of remembrance of a good thing. While sunflowers are the most commonly used yellow flowers, the allure of yellow roses never fades away. Meeting an old friend after a long time? A peaceful reconciliation with an old lover? These yellow roses might be exactly what you need to relish those long cherished memories. 


These roses are a symbol of harmony and fertility. Green is the color of nature, life, and renewal. These are the quintessential carry-along for a visit to a friend recovering from an injury or to a new mother and her newborn. Initially, green was considered a color of jealousy. But over the years green roses have evolved to mean balance, tranquility, and health. Use Roses Only USA shopping to buy a wide variety of green roses.


The color blue has a sense of mystery associated with it. Blue roses represent a deep desire, lust, or unattainable love that you cannot get over. The enchanting enigma around them makes them a gift for someone special. A person with an indescribable bond or an old lover? Or even your ex? There’s really no upper limit to whom you can give these.


These dark, inky flowers are symbols of the ending of something. A relationship. A person. A feeling. Black roses are usually given at funerals and farewells. These also represent a rejection or opposition to something. Want to say no to the boy next door for the date? Or is it time to break up with a long-distance girlfriend? Black roses might be a polite yet firm way to display your opinion. Attending a funeral and uncertain about what to take? Black roses from Roses Only USA deals come to your rescue instantly.


For some people, one color is never enough. Here’s where multicolored roses or “rainbow” roses come into play. Usually they imply joy and happiness. Use multicolored roses to express a range of emotions and feelings in a single bouquet using Roses Only USA discount codes. You can customize them according to your needs and preferences. They are a sight to behold and feel immensely personal.

These were the most popularly available colors of roses. But you don’t have to choose only one color. A popular practice is mixing different colored roses in a single bouquet to enhance the beauty and symbolism behind them. For instance, a bouquet of red and orange roses may pass on the message of passionate love, while pink and white roses convey gentle care and admiration for somebody. Yellow and orange roses may serve as a cue for a passionate friendship. Use blue and black roses to arouse someone’s imagination and darkness. Or give them green and white roses to signify beautiful beginnings and renewals. 

And who said you have to stick to two colors at a time? Get creative and express yourselves with the Roses Only USA sale.

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