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The type of fabric depends upon the workout you have selected and you have the freedom to choose any type of color and design that makes you happy. Many businesses are offering environmentally friendly sports gear with sustainability efforts. They are using ethical labor, minimizing their carbon footprint, and using recycled water. Business policies make the difference in the creation of sustainable workout clothing and it is an opportunity for all of us to make our environment clean.

Different types of Sustainable workout clothing

Recycled Nylon

Recycled Nylon also diverts waste from landfill and uses items like carpets, net fishing, and tights to make recycled nylon. The recycling process uses less water and energy and other resources to create new nylon. Although recycled nylon is costly and usable, it is worth considering when we think of saving the environment. If you appreciate sustainable workout clothing, purchase nylon shorts made from organic basics. 

Organic cotton

Cotton is a plant that grows in hot weather conditions and in countries like the USA, India, Brazil, China, and Turkey. In some countries, farmers grow cotton with the use of pesticides which makes cotton harmful to wear. It is recommended to wear quality cotton to promote healthy farming activities in our society and support eco-friendly wear for people.


Tencel is a brand that uses wood pulp or cotton linter which is a breed of Rayon fiber of Lyocell fibers. But Rayon is not 100% natural and is a blend of different fibers. There are other Lyocell fibers available but are not equal to the quality fiber used in Tencel. 

Organic Sustainable Bamboo

Bamboo is a fine-quality organic fabric without use of pesticides or large amounts of water used to grow it naturally which makes it more sustainable. Short bamboo that falls needs a large number of chemicals to grow. Bamboo is made similarly to the Tencel process. Although, there are still issues with the disposal of the waste and residue in the completed garments. Look for brands like Vyayama which makes 100% safe and natural garments for you. Make it clear that good-quality bamboo workout garments are safe and environment-friendly.

Merino Ethical Wool

Merino wool is ethical and safe to wear due to its thermoregulation quality and is lightweight and soft to wear. In cold weather, Merino wool absorbs the humidity to retain heat and in hot weather, it evaporates the sweat and keeps you cool. check the ‘Responsible wool standard’ or ‘ZQ Merino standard’ written on the labels of the garments to ensure that there is no animal hurt in the process.

Benefits of Sustainable workout clothing

Workout gear designed for you

If you buy sustainable workout gear from a small company, you will get quality products at affordable prices. If you are in the business of activewear or sports gear, make high-quality products to promote comfortable clothing. Sustainable activewear is needed in the market due to comfort and high-performance capacity.

Commitment to charity

There are lots of sustainable workout gear companies that are promoting charity on their profits. According to the REI company, they reinvest 70% of profits into the outdoor community for their welfare and other companies draw their profit percentage and invest in human welfare.

Why should you buy sustainable workout gear?

If everyone starts buying sustainable products, there will be less waste material the used and thrown-out clothing from all of us and if we don’t do this, there can be natural disasters like global warming, and polluted water and air which will affect our living on earth. Sustainable fabric demand is increasing because people are focusing on high-performance and eco-friendly environments.

Workout gear demand for high quality is increasing because people want comfortable and performance-promoting gear to be better athletes. they don’t want to ruin their workout efforts just due to low-quality workout gear and also they are financially and mentally strong to promote quality products. It has given a boost to sustainable workout gear and made a difference in users’ life and in the environment.