Foamex is the most sought-after option in the large-scale printing for signs, outdoors or indoors. It’s been popular for quite a while now. Foamex board printing is extensively used in a range of promotions or marketing that range from huge displays to small-sized marketing.

With a higher production of signage durable and long-lasting, the product is gaining much notice.

The three-millimetre Foamex comes with a range of thicknesses, colours, and finishes. It is essential to select the best option that corresponds appropriate to the needs and requirements of signage.

The design of safety signs is a significant business area because it is a major factor in the health and safety of people who live in the most vulnerable areas. When planning the safety of a task, the best materials should be used.

This is why Foamex is an excellent option. Foamex boards can be the best material. Let’s take a look at the distinctive features of Foamex.

1. Material That Is Low-Maintenance And Cost-Effective

Every project manager wants to obtain the best worth for their short-term or long-term security sign-making project. Foamex sheet is an excellent option. Foamex sheet is easy to maintain material and is a cost-effective one that is suitable for every budget.

Marketing teams involved in safety signage projects use Foamex to ensure they achieve the desired results within the budget approved. In addition, due to their strength, Foamex boards are strong and durable. Foamex boards are able to withstand tough environments for up to five years.

Additionally, foamex board are cheaper than other materials for signage, such as plyboards or other plastic sheets that are specially designed for use.

2. It Is Easier To Cut Into New Sizes, And It Is Easier To Install

Foamex is the most flexible material for safety signs, which can be easily cut into unconventional sizes and shapes (round/square/hexagonal, etc.). It is also more flexible to work with, making it easy to modify or even install if needed.

A fascinating aspect of security signs is that, in some instances they’re typically put up and then moved from one place to another, in accordance with the regulations.

For instance, the latest pandemic, security signs indicated an abundance of change and movement on the areas affected as well as containment zones. So, Foamex is a great material for these types of applications.

Additionally, security sign boards constructed out of Foamex are able to be attached to walls with Velcro. They are also able to be put up by drilling holes to attach the poles and walls, or even doors.

All in all, site hoarding is an extremely durable and high-quality material that’s simple for you to bend and cut, drill as well as print and glue.

3. A Durable, All-Weather Material Which Can Be Adapted To The Weather

Signs of safety are often install outdoors and are subject to harsh weather conditions. It’s remarkable that Foamex board printing are highly resistant to heat, humidity and water, which is why they are the ideal choice for safety signs for outdoors.

Furthermore, printed Foamex is 100% recyclable and is a tough compressible plastic PVC material that is able to withstand abrupt temperature fluctuations that can occur outdoors.

When printing security signage, it is recommend using UV resistant inks to ensure that the font and graphics are clear and appealing for a longer time.

If you’ve gained a greater knowledge of the significance in construction site hoarding and its importance, you will be capable of using it to help with your next project of safety-related signage. To accomplish this, make sure to consult an experienced and professional company which will offer you the complete Foamex solution that will meet your specific needs.

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What Can You Create With Foamex?

The broad variety of Foamex is apparent in its many and numerous applications.

The Material is Often use in conjunction with flat designs such as signs and displays.

Marketing campaigns that are short-term usually require Foamex to create and construct advertising boards and banners. Foamex will also serve as the best choice for retail stores searching for a low-cost POS system whether they’re display windows or hanging signs.

You may also have see it being use to create menu boards, panelling and wall cladding as well as other. Take a look at the complete list of Foamex applications:

  • Display Panels
  • Photos
  • Posters that have a rigid design
  • Exterior and interior signs
  • Display of Stores
  • For Sale Signs
  • Hoardings
  • Information Boards

There you go A brief overview of Foamex the lightweight flexible, durable installation-friendly effective and printer-friendly plastic. It should come as no surprise that it is in high demand.

What Is It That Makes Foamex A Best Choice For Security Signposts?

Safety sign boards like the name imply. They design to safeguard us. So, it is essential that they are print with a substrate that is strong, durable and fade-resistant.

They should also be versatile and able to adapt to the requirements of. To meet these standards, Foamex board, also know as PVC foam board is the most prefer option for safety signage boards all over the world.

Before we go into more detail about the Foamex board, we should first know the significance of safety signals in the first place and what makes them important.

Safety signs, to ensure the safety of those who walk through them are equip with safety warnings and messages. The signs are design to inform people about possible dangers that exist in a certain place and to warn people of the risks.

However, since the area is still under construction, security signs could be subject to the elements of heat and dust in addition to other elements. Thus, printing safety signage with materials must be adaptable and cost-effective.

5mm Foamex signs are one of the materials which is fast becoming the most popular choice in the industry of safety signage due to its exceptional characteristics, including its ability to flex, last, reuse and its simplicity to use.

How Do You Choose The Appropriate Amount Of Foamex?

What are the alternatives for Foamex Boards?

Thickness is available in a range of thicknesses. The most popular are 3mm, 5mm and 10mm.

Size – Maximum Sheet Size: 1500mm x 3000mm

Color: The HTML0 colour palette is diverse with colours that are available on Foamex sheets, including Red Blue, Green, Orange and black. However, the most sought-after colour is white.

Finish: Matt Lamination, Gloss Lamination, Anti-graffiti Lamination, Dry Wipe Lamination, Crystal Lamination

In this article, we’ll talk about and explain everything you should know about thicknesses and the thicknesses of Foamex boards.

Foamex boards are available in a range of thicknesses, with sizes ranging from 1 mm to 19mm. The three most popular Foamex board types are

  • 3mm
  • 5mm
  • 10mm

Let’s look at the three thicknesses individually and then go over their specifications, as well as their uses, features and functions, as in addition to their drawbacks as well as disadvantages, if they exist.

But, before we talk about what we might be able to see, let’s examine the functions and highlights of Foamex boards.

The most sought-after characteristics of Foamex boards regardless of 3mm 5mm or 10mm are:


Foamex is of foam PVC Foamex is from foam PVC. Foamex is impervious to moisture and corrosion. It’s extremely light. It provides the ideal combination of strength and durability in 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm thicknesses.


The Foamex board, in any thickness, is extremely durable and naturally increases by the size. Furthermore, due to its physical structure and chemical composition, it’s robust and durable.


It’s lightweight, as well. Foamex is a light material. Foamex board is a great combination of elasticity and capability to bend. This allows it to be contoured in a spectacular way.


It’s Foamex Board which is a strong material because of its strength and flexibility, and the ease of fabrication.

It is also an extremely energy efficient material. Therefore, it is recommend to choose 10mm for hot climate, or in the outside.

In general, 10mm Foamex is use extensively as an alternative to more expensive plywood panels and aluminum sheets. Due to its thickness and smooth finish 10mm is the ideal option for attaching graphics using adhesive.