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Nikita Dragun

Makeup artist and beauty expert known as Mama Dragun who amassed over 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube by providing makeup challenges, vlogs, and lessons. On TikTok, where she broadcasts videos showcasing various fashion styles, she gained even more popularity. On the platform, she already has more than 14 million admirers.

Before Fame

In November 2011, she departed Facebook and instead turned to twitter when she posted the tweet “Leaving Facebook facebook is dead.” 


Not only popular on YouTube, she has also become popular on Instagram, with more than 9 million fans. Loren Grey commented on Instagram, saying she loved her.  She signed a deal with Wheelhouse in January of 2021 to help her to create longer form content.


Her father is Vietnamese and her mother is of Mexican descent. She is transgender and has often documented her transition on her YouTube channel. She previously dated fashion designer Oscar.

Rest in peace Nikita Dragun, these kinds of posts and captions are trending on social media and youtube. An American YouTuber and make-up artist died according to some social media posts. by the search of Youtube results, there are plenty of videos available about Nikita’s death.

In fact, the official Twitter account of the Dragun also tweets #RIPNikitaDragun. This shocked the whole internet and fans are searching for what going on. In this post, know more about Nikita Dragun and gather information such as wiki, death cause, is she really died, age, biography, net worth, and what is going on?

Is Nikita Dragun dead or alive?

This all matter begins with a Youtube video that giving information about that she Nikita is dead and left this world. This tragic news shocked the fans and followers are terribly crazy to know everything. According to our sources and research, Nikita Dragun is alive and completely good. It is a piece of fake death news planned by herself Nikita for promotions. The video which is trending and comes on the top for the death of Dragun is just a promotional video for the Shoedazzle.

Furthermore down, the caption reveals the true reason behind the video. It was a promotion. A promotion for Shoedazzle. The end of the caption of her video encouraged people to shop at Shoedazzle. Besides, she used a clickbait hoax of her own death to draw in views and hopefully get some sales. It was just a marketing technique to get the sales which are planned by Nikita, reportedly.

Hence, Nikita Dragun death is a fake, she is alive and living her dream life.

What is Nikita Dragun’s real name?

Nikita Dragun’s real name is Nikita Nguyen. In a YouTube video titled ‘TRANSGENDER Q&A (Surgery, Dating, & More)’, she said: “I didn’t want a basic name. I could have chosen a name very similar to my ‘boy name’ and I just didn’t want that. Nikita just represents everything that I stand for. As well, there was a show called Nikita and it was with an Asian assassin girl – it just, like, represents everything I aspire to be, basically.”

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How many tattoos does Nikita Dragun have?

Nikita Dragun has five known tattoos. She has “dragon” tattooed on her left wrist in Arabic, Quan Am (a Buddhist deity) on her right side, a dragon head on her ribcage, a large red dragon running down her back and another dragon’s head on her sternum.

Is Nikita Dragun dating Alejandro Rosario?

Nikita Dragun has sparked rumours she could be dating TikTok star Alejandro Rosario after he attended her recent birthday party. The pair also have been leaving flirty comments underneath each other’s Instagram photos, including one from Nikita, which read: “u 18 now right? Asking for a friend.” However, many have a problem with the seven-year age gap between them. Alejandro has just turned 18 and Nikita is 25.

Is Nikita Dragun’s new boyfriend Oscar Utierre?

Nikita Dragun and Oscar Utierre have a complicated relationship. Nikita met Oscar on her first day in Los Angeles and they quickly formed a friendship. It later became a romantic relationship. On Nikita’s Snapchat show ‘Nikita: Unfiltered’, Oscar declared his love for Nikita but ultimately she decided to remain friends with Oscar and not ruin their friendship.

There have been rumours that Nikita Dragun is dating Tony Lopez (one half of The Lopez Brothers) after the two started making videos together and looking particularly close. However, Nikita shut down the speculation in an interview with The Hollywood Fix in June 2020. She said: “We are all friends. Honestly you know what it is, I feel like girls and guys can be friends. You know what I mean? We are just homies, we are cool.”

Nikita Dragun transgender

Nikita Dragun is transgender. She has been open about her transition, which started when she was 19. In a 2016 YouTube video titled ‘TRANSGENDER Q&A (Surgery, Dating, & More)’, Nikita said her parents were incredibly supportive of her decision to transition.

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