A lot goes into buying a jewelry piece since appearance is not everything. You must be very careful about jewelry’s various aspects before buying. So, how does one tell if a jeweler is legit or not? This post will look at five tips to help you find reliable jewelers in Boston. Although you often go through the process of buying jewelry most of the time, each buying process is different based on the type of jewelry you want. Some may be simple, while others may be complex.

To buy a diamond piece, you need to look at carat, clarity, color, and cut, otherwise known as the 4Cs. You only need some answers if you deal with credible jewelers in Boston. A reliable jeweler knows diamond quality and is ready to tell the buyer about it. Without further ado, here are the five tips to help you pick a legit jeweler. 

Get recommendations from seasoned buyers 

Some people are well-versed in jewelry buying. If you know any of them, then ask them for guidance. Jewelry is an industry that is relation-driven. Therefore, word of mouth is critical. A family member or a friend who knows credible jewelers in Boston will be more than happy to direct you to that good jeweler. Get all the insights from your neighbor, your grandma, or a close friend who always looks good in stylish jewelry. Even though they don’t know much about jewelry, they may know someone who knows a legit jeweler. 

Take advantage of BBB watchdogs

BBB stands for Better Business Bureau. Besides seeking advice from those knowledgeable in jewelry-buying matters, you also need to get a more accurate feel by checking with the Better Business Bureau. In your shortlist of jewelers, it is a good idea to cross-check their rating to ensure that no outrageous claims have been leveled against them. The reputation of any jeweler in Boston is tainted with any claim, whether valid or not. It is, therefore, up to you to do proper research before settling for any jeweler. 

Look for reviews 

Another way to find out if a jeweler is worth your time and money is to seek reviews online about their Company. Go through their social media and check whether their positive reviews outweigh their negative ones. Reviews from people who have used the product and are total strangers. Go through several studies to truly understand how Jewelers Boston treats their clients.

If the thoughts are full of positive reviews, the jewelry company is credible, and you can rely on it for genuine and high-quality diamond jewelry. If a jeweler has more than 10,000 likes on Facebook on its social media handles, it means that it is a trustworthy company, and you fully trust it. Alex and Company have been in the industry for years, and we continually educate our customers about diamond qualities before deciding to purchase. 

Check certification 

Pro Jewelers Boston always has certificates to prove they sell legit jewelry products. There are three leading players in the diamond certification industry. They include:

  • American Gem Society
  • The European Gemological Laboratory
  • Gemological Institute of America

If your jeweler is certified by these certification authorities, you should be comfortable doing business with them. 

Check the Fine Print

Before engaging or transacting any business with your jeweler, it is a good idea to go through their copies of the returns policy, including any warranties offered warranty. It helps ensure they have your back covered in case anything goes wrong. 


Jewelry is an investment. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you get the real deal when purchasing one. Many fraudulent jewelers in Boston claim to offer the best diamond products. However, only some meet the required standards. If you are looking for a legit jeweler, then Alex and Company are here. We provide authentic custom design diamond jewelry and are always ready to educate our customers about diamond quality and the buying process.