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Are you thinking about whether or not you will be able to clear the Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals, i.e., AI 900 Exam? Do you want to know about the difficulty level & format of this exam, which is one of the leading Microsoft certification courses? If yes, then you must read through this blog. Here, we have presented comprehensive details about the Al 900 Microsoft certification training exam to assist candidates in preparing for it.

What is AI 900?

The Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals or AI-900 exam is curated for candidates who possess the fundamental knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the associated services of Microsoft Azure. Candidates must know about common working know-how of ML and AI along with their implementation on Azure.

Notably, candidates from technical as well as non-technical backgrounds can appear for this exam. The student doesn’t need to hold experience in data science and software engineering. Though, any knowledge of programming knowledge or experience would be gainful for them.

AI 900 Exam Format At a Glance 

  • The examination fee for AI 900 certification is USD 99 (inclusive of all taxes).
  • The AI-900 Microsoft exam includes about 40 to 60 questions with a time limit of 60 minutes (1 hour).
  • This exam comprises various types of questions, such as multiple-choice questions, subjective questions, scenario-based, arranging in the correct sequence, drag & drop questions, etc.
  • The passing aggregate for this exam is 70%, i.e., candidates are required to score at least 700/1000 or above.
  • The exam is available in these languages: English, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian,  Simplified Chinese,  Traditional Chinese, and Arabic.

AI 900 Course Framework

Microsoft exams embrace a learning path that guides an individual to steer through the vital concepts following a sequential approach. The Microsoft AI 900 Fundamentals exam includes the following key areas of study:

  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • AI Concepts
  • Responsible AI
  • Knowledge Mining
  • Fundamentals of ML pipelines and MLOps
  • Classical ML models
  • AutoML and Azure ML Studio

The pathways to the AI 900 certification exam include learning modules that help the  candidates in improving their knowledge & skill-set in the key areas as mentioned below: 

  • Kickstart working with Artificial intelligence (AI) on Azure.
  • Creating no-code predictive models with Machine Learning on Azure.
  • Exploring NLP workloads (natural language processing) and conversational AI with Azure.
  • Reviewing the computer vision in Microsoft Azure.

Here is a glimpse of Skill Measurement in AI 900 

SkillsWeightage (in%)
Artificial Intelligence workloads20-25
Fundamental principles of Machine Learning on Azure25-30
Features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads and on Azure25-30
Features of computer vision workloads on Azure15-20
Features of conversational AI workloads on Azure15-20

Candidates can utilize Azure AI Fundamentals in preparing for other Microsoft Online Courses and Microsoft certifications like Azure AI Engineer Associate, Azure Data Scientist Associate, and more.

A Guide to Prepare for Microsoft AI 900 exam 

The objective of the AI 900 exam is to screen candidates who can manage operations & use the equipment productively. The exam is considered a little bit hard. The candidates may find some questions very confusing. The key to this is to utilize your knowledge to identify & understand the difference between the terms and make the best decision in the practical world.

This exam has no direct rule to pass with a good score. The aspirants must have access to appropriate resources to complement their learning and expand their scope of knowledge. Here are some helpful learning resources: 

  • Official Learning Platform of Microsoft: The aspirants can get all the relevant information for this exam on the official Microsoft website.
  • Documentation available by Microsoft: Microsoft Documentations are a considerable learning resource for Microsoft online courses.
  • Training by Instructors: It is a useful learning resource for preparing for the AI 900 exam. Microsoft’s training programs are accessible via its website.
  • Online Tutorials for Exam Preparation: There are several online tutorials available that offer clarity of concepts necessary for the examination. It aids in your preparation.
  • Taking Online Practice Tests: There are various practice tests for the aspirants of Microsoft certifications accessible on the web. They assist the aspirants in weighing up their preparation. 


Clearing the Microsoft AI 900 Certification represents the professional competency of a candidate in the core subject areas of this certification. Also, it exemplifies that a candidate is all set to start a career in designing Microsoft Windows OS programs. You must access & practice with the learning resources mentioned above to perform well in this exam.

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