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Portable sinks are in high demand, and your clients may inquire about utilising them all year. While toilet operators may experiment with various strategies that winterize portable sinks, there have been no guarantees that your equipment will be protected once temperatures fall below freezing.

Nevertheless, if you live in a region where temperatures are near or above freezing, winterizing solutions can allow you to leave your portable camping sinks outside for an extended period of time. Before deciding, explore all of your options and alternatives.

The Benefits and Drawbacks to Winterizing Portable Sinks Because sinks have a large market, selling them throughout the cold is a terrific way to keep your clients happy. It enables you to supplement your income by renting out equipment and

keeping yourself occupied during the off-season.

However, leaving your sinks outside in the cold is dangerous. Freezing conditions can harm your equipment, making repairs costly or difficult. During the freezing season, most Professional players in colder places do not lease sinks or flushing toilets since the benefits do not exceed the hazards.

Methods for Winterizing Portable Sinks

There are several options for winterizing portable toilets, such as employing de-icing chemicals or brine treatments. Unfortunately, winterizing a sink is difficult, and no alternatives have been demonstrated to work completely. However, you may desire to prolong your season by attempting:

  • Solutions based on saltwater: Seawater may help you to keep the sinks in use for extended periods of time. A simple mix of one part salt to 9 parts water provides some protection against cold weather.
  • However, when temps fall below 00 F, the liquid freezes and is likely to cause harm.

If you already have access to power and can properly build a fish tank warmer, you may be able to extend your season and minimise equipment loss.

  • Speak with your suppliers: Sink additives that really are safe for customers and equipment may be offered by some vendors. These goods are very new and may not be accessible in all locations, so check around to see what’s available.

Regardless of the answer, it is critical to protect the units from the weather and to inspect them more regularly. Also, remember to provide additional throwaway hand towels so that people may dry off quickly and avoid frostbite.

Alternatives for Winterizing Sinks

In many circumstances, utilising sinks during the winter months is just impossible in locations with subzero temperatures. Consider installing sinks within heated enclosures or buildings.

Alternatively, provide them with an alternate hand-cleaning option. PolyJohn, for example, sells winter sanitizer, which really is alcohol-based and far less likely to freeze. With the addition of a strong stand and dispenser, your clients can put their hands clean and sanitised while avoiding the sink.

This winter, protect your equipment.

Keeping your customers satisfied is what keeps you in business. However, while making judgments, PROs must consider the danger to equipment. Discuss your choices with your vendors first, then with your consumers.

Frequently asked questions about PORTABLE CAMPING SINK

Q: Can I connect the sink to a hose to replenish it?

A: To prevent having to refill a freshwater tank, certain sinks may be changed to enable a clear relation to a hose. Waste water can also be discharged through a drain. If you require these functionalities, please contact us.

Q: What materials are indeed the water tanks constructed of?

A: The tanks are constructed of FDA-approved polyethylene.

Q: What do the sinks function?

A: Its sink basin is housed inside a cabinet that also houses a fresh greywater tank. The majority of items are electric and have a pump as well as a water heater within the cabinet.
Place the sink where you want it, fill its fresh water tank, and connect it into a regular outlet. If no power is available, sinks can be outfitted with a rechargeable battery, a propane power source, or a foot pump (cold water only).

Q: Can I make design changes or the components?

A: Please contact us if you have any design or functionality requirements. We can frequently meet special requests. Many sinks, for example, may be installed with all stainless worktops and basins, even if this is not a standard product choice.

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