The social networking app Bumble, which brings people together for dating, friendship, and professional networking, offered advice on how to handle heartbreak and all of its symptoms when the home you thought would be “The One” turns out to be just another listing.

Symptom: Your heart hurts even though you (and your friends) know it was “only” a house.

Don’t keep that foul stuff inside. Pretend it’s not a big deal. Bumble advises allowing oneself to experience all emotions, including disappointment, annoyance, and the void of wondering what may have been. Out loud cry. yell it out. Locate a punching bag and use it. You are lamenting a broken dream. It’s true. It’s acceptable to watch House Hunters inconsolably while curled up in the foetal position. also The Hulk. You are you.

Condition: Can’t. Halt, refresh, and list.

According to Bumble, do the one thing you wanted to do in your relationship but didn’t. Did you put aside every spare dime for your down payment when you were looking for a home? And never leave the area in case you missed a fantastic listing or an opportunity to submit an offer?

It’s time to take a vacation. Embrace yourself. At some point, you will find the ideal home for you, but right now, you need to take a mental break. Keep in mind that when one door closes, another one automatically opens and remains propped open until you return from your weekend getaway with a few mojitos.

Symptom: You unintentionally continue driving past.

The solution is to avoid reminders.

Do not pass by the house to see if a moving van is in the driveway or if it is tagged “pending.” The neighbourhood and that lovely little coffee shop just down the street, where you had already pictured yourself relaxing on the weekends with an espresso con panna, should not even be passed by a car. Additionally, remove it from your Trulia favourites so you won’t see it each time you log in. You shouldn’t dwell on what may have been.

Symptom: You come to the realisation that life before the house dream was kind of awful.

Restock your life with people as a solution.

Make new friends. Try making a new buddy at the gym, a painting class, or through a casual conversation on Bumble BFF by stepping outside of your comfort zone. Additionally, our agents are 2.5 times more likely to close on a home than other agents, so here is a new type of person you should get to know. When you’re good and ready, they’ll help you decide which homes to swipe right on and put you on the correct track to your ideal home.

Symptom: True talk? You curse having ever visited that awful location.

Solution: Take heart from the pain.

Anger is okay. Absolutely normal. However, Bumble advises viewing a failed relationship as a learning rather than a failure. What aspects of the home buying process were successful? What could give you a better chance of succeeding the next time? Be truthful. Were you too low?

Symptom: You believe that it is now appropriate to resume your home search. You cannot, however, even.

Solution: Return to the field.

Know that you can try it again whenever you’re ready. You might start to question how you ever became so obsessed on just one house when you truly start considering how many there are property for sale.

Get back in the game by setting up a search for homes in that ideal community or visiting an open house you saw online. You don’t have to look through every listing for perfection. Simply look. Keep picturing the location you desire, and soon The (Real) One will knock on your door.

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