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Twitter has become very popular and the more followers you have, the more you will like and be seen as an authority. However, there are other factors that come into play when trying to get more followers on Twitter. Don’t assume that your business will grow just because you have 2,000 followers on Twitter. You need to buy organic twitter followers and do the right things to get more Twitter followers that really benefit you. Don’t be fooled by just adding a random group of people and hoping for the best.

7 easy ways to get more followers on Twitter

1. Don’t be a selfish tweeter.

While you’ve likely subscribed to Twitter to grow your business or your network of colleagues, don’t overdo each post. None of Twitter’s biggest stars does that. Of course, you can link your services and products from time to time, but don’t mention yourself in every tweet. Unless you’re Brad Pitt, people don’t really want to hear consistent stories about your life and you won’t get any more Twitter followers.

2. Contact other users directly.

When you send a random tweet, no one pays as much attention to it as it does when the tweet is directed at them personally. In your next tweet, don’t think about how to get more Twitter followers, mention someone else in your post using the @ post to thank them or recommend their product, or say something. It is a great way to get more Twitter followers. It also has two benefits: first, it shows your followers that you interact with others and are friends with more “cool Twitter” people than you are, and second, you get great connections, which is why Twitter is really good.

3. Don’t cry on the Internet.

Unless you’re a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, no one really wants to read emotional or dramatic posts. The business world is a world where only positive and optimistic people can live, and if people see that you have the slightest negative impact, they will cut you off. On the other hand, don’t be one of those people who always proclaim the love and happiness of the divinity of choice and transcend spirituality – give people something useful or joyful to read. Focus on contributing to the world and you will of course get more Twitter followers.

4. Be a walking bulletin board for others.

If you find booster social media that really interests you, share it on Twitter and credit the author or source. Share the great things other people have done, not just the things you’ve done. Did you just learn a new fact? Cool – others might want to know. This is what stars and big companies always do to each other, but first you have to do it for free to get more followers on Twitter. Of course, if you have 500,000 subscribers, you may be asked to approve products, but at first you have to do it for free.

5. Don’t pretend.

There are a lot of identical people on Twitter. Change it up a bit – if you’re incredibly lazy and love pizza, don’t pretend you’re a super productive health junkie. You won’t get more Twitter followers because people can see fakes from miles away! Just be who you are and if no one seems to understand you, you may need to make some changes in your approach!

6. Do not pump or dump.

Some of the strategies for getting a large number of followers revolve around the way you follow a large number of people in the hope that they will follow you and unfollow them all. (I just read about this and thought this was crazy!) You probably seem to have the status of a teacher and are highly respected. However, this is a short-lived and brutal way to reach a seemingly divine status. It may seem that you have more followers on Twitter than people who follow you, but doing so at your own risk, there could be consequences.

7. Become an expert.

Sure, Paris Hilton isn’t an expert on all we can see (oops, did I say that?!) but she’s and famous, and it’s more than enough to get you more followers on Twitter than the average Twit, lol.

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