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China is a protected spot for global understudies who need to concentrate on the Fee Structure of MBBS in China. Over the past few years, more Pakistani, Indian, and Bengali students as well as students from Sri Lanka, Africa, ASEAN, and CIS countries have gone to China for MBBS compared to boys. In the past 20 to 25 years, a large number of Pakistani and foreign students have come to China to study medicine. Studying in China is a wise choice, and is known for its low cost and good returns.

Student Fee Structure of MBBS in China 2022-2023

The cost of medical MBBS programs in China is very economical compared to local universities in Pakistan with only a 7% acceptance rate of Pakistani students annually, so many good and bright students miss out on this opportunity. Admission to the Fee Structure of MBBS in China is very easy as long as Chinese universities are on the list of Chinese medical universities accredited by PMC. Intime Study Advisors provides the top and best Chinese medical universities for Pakistani, African, and international students. We have officially accredited MBBS China Education Consultants for international students from all over the world to study MBBS in English.

More than 200 medical universities are offering MBBS/BDS English Language/Bilingual and only 45 are English MBBS/BDS universities listed by the Ministry of Education. MBBS in China is a low-cost university with high-quality medical education and medical degrees of international standards. There are only a few universities with the highest tuition fees, but they are the highest-ranked medical schools. The duration of the Chinese MBBS program is 2006, including the last year of clinical training or rotation.

Jiangsu University MBBS Program Fee Structure:

Tuition feesRs.886518 per year
Application feesRs. 10429
Student Physical checkupRs.10429
Student InsuranceRs.15644
Accommodation DepositRs.13037
Student Resident DepositRs.10429
Student BooksRs.15644
Living ExpensesRs. 26074
Student Accommodation (per year)Rs. 117333 to 127762
Total Tuition (6 years)Rs.5,319,108

MBBS in China for Pakistani Students 2022 2023

One of the largest and most impressive economies in the world. China is now increasingly popular among Pakistani students for its first-rate medical universities. The number of students choosing to study MBBS in China has grown rapidly over the years. The fee Structure of MBBS in China is a fantastic decision for clinical hopefuls to satisfy their fantasy about becoming fruitful specialists. Modern infrastructure, a world-class education system, low tuition fees and cost of living, and a safe environment are the main reasons for aspirants to apply for MBBS in a top medical university in China. All medical schools in China guarantee a quality education for all those who choose to pursue MBBS in China.

The MBBS program in China accredited by the Pakistan Medical Council. The World Health Organization, and many other prestigious medical institutions in the world. Although the language of instruction for MBBS in China is English, students still study Mandarin so that they can easily interact with local patients. After completing MBBS in China, graduates will be eligible to take various medical screening exams such as PMDC, USMLE, PMDC, PLAB, etc.

MBBS in China 2023

China is famous for its traditional medicine and the combination of advanced technology makes it more productive and valuable. Because of its advanced course structure and low-cost options, China is the best choice for every international student to pursue medical studies. Top-tier Chinese medical universities offer comprehensive security and good career opportunities in terms of the economic budget.

Why Take MBBS in China?

You may still be wondering why international students, especially Pakistani students, don’t hesitate to choose to Fee Structure of MBBS in China; Here are some of the main reasons why they do this:

Globally Recognized Degrees:

China is home to many universities and colleges, 52 of which are medical schools approved by the Chinese government to offer MBBS programs to international students. These 52 medical schools is includ in the World Health Organization’s “Global Medical School Directory”. This means that graduates of these colleges will be eligible to sit for international medical examination exams, including PMDC, AMC, HPCSA, PLAB, USMKE, SCHS, etc.

Top Universities:

Most of the medical schools in my country is rank among the top 500 medical schools in the world. These schools have earned a reputation for being pioneers in the field of modern medicine. In addition, Chinese universities have long offered programs taught in English, and many graduates are now pursuing further studies in the country.

Affordable Living and Tuition Fees:

China is also known for its modern infrastructure, outstanding education, affordable tuition, and cost of living. The fee Structure of MBBS in China is almost 70% cheaper when compared to other major countries like the US and the UK. Education in China is fund by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Health.

World Class Hospital:

China has a population of more than 1 billion, which provides a good opportunity for medical students to learn more hands-on because there are a large number of cases to watch. In addition, the hospitals where Chinese medical students practice use advanced medical tools and technologies. Law and order: China is a peaceful country with a harmonious society and good law and order. The Chinese government cracks down on crimes and enacts laws to ensure that people live and work in peace and contentment. The government also pays special attention to international students and provides them with a safe learning environment on campus.

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