Online shopping and field services have become rampant in the last few years. This is mostly because of the boost in Internet connectivity, low physical interaction, and field force management software development due to the pandemic. 

Gone are the days when field forces were mostly created by insurance agencies or B2C businesses for door-to-door sales. In the current time, even things such as personal grooming services are available online and people go to clients to get the task done. Therefore, companies have to rapidly adapted workforce management software to better operations. 

Field executives have now become the face of most companies. Therefore, you need dedicated software such as employee tracking software to get everything done structurally. 

What Problems Can You Face With a Team of Field Executives? 

When it comes to managing a team of field executives, you are likely to face several challenges. This is mostly because of the remote and human aspects involved. The complexity can be such that you will necessarily need some software aid to solve the problems involved. 

If you’re looking to optimize operations in your team of field executives, here are some issues you can expect to face.

Attendance Management

If you’re sticking to biometric attendance management, you can expect to face a lot of hassle in the process. By doing so, you’re essentially hoping for your executives to travel to and from the office every morning and evening just to mark attendance. That is a lot of wasted time and energy, right?  Moreover, that is not where the problem ends. It extends to leave management

Time and Location Management 

Managing executives’ time on the field should be every manager’s primary concern. Why? Because it is how they are utilizing their time that will make or break your business profits! However, owing to the remoteness of operations, managing time and locational data become exceptionally difficult for field force team managers. 

Task Management 

The remoteness of operations causes another major issue – how will tasks be managed in the team? Most of the time, just delegating tasks can be difficult because managers do not know who will be available and when. Moreover, explaining those tasks over pen and paper without proper communication can be a whole other issue. 

Documentation Management 

Each field executive has multiple tasks or documents to cater to throughout the day. In this catering, executives have to handle multiple documents that can be sensitive. Therefore, documentation handling becomes a new issue for field executives. They need to make sure that none of the documents gets lost or in the wrong hands, which can be cumbersome. 

Multi-platform Coordination

One of the biggest problems that arise while trying to coordinate in the field without dedicated software is that multiple platforms can be confusing. Switching between apps and trying to shift information from one to another is a huge time and energy-consuming hassle for already-busy field executives and their managers. 

Productivity Management

When your entire team is on the field, how do you know who is performing well and who isn’t? It’s easy to fool the system and make it look like someone is completing all their tasks diligently while all they’re doing is procrastinating. Such executive behaviour is sure to cost the organization a lot! 

What Features in Field Employee Management Software Help? 

Since it has become so obvious what issues come your direction while dealing with a field services team, you ought to be ready. You can devise procedures that best suit your team’s efficiency models. Here are the solutions you can expect from field force management software to mitigate all your problems. 

Continuous Tracking

Consensual continuous employee tracking is a superb aid to handle a team of field executives. All managers need to do is hop on the field force software dashboard and look at the dots representing executives to know what they’re up to. 

Real-time tracking allows managers to give exact ETAs to their clients. Also, knowing where every executive is helping create a more streamlined operational process. 

Brilliant Attendance

Field force management software can dissect the performance of field executives before task allotment. Then, they can make fool-proof attendance management models such as geofence-aided and geocoded image-based logging. This way, managers know that any attendance marking on the software is authentic. 

Task Dashboard

Any employee tracking software is intended to make task assignments simpler. Resultantly, the software permits managers, executives, or both to add and alter tasks from the application itself. The assignment visualization can be essentially as distinct as needs to be.

In-Built Chatboxes

Great workforce management software come with in-built chatboxes. Through these virtual communication spaces, managers get to correspond with their executives in a single spot. This multitude of discussions can be directed and reported. Also, this eliminates the problem of moving between a few applications for the basic task execution.

Custom Forms

Custom forms are a one-of-a-kind arrangement offered exclusively by the best field force management software. Through this feature, supervisors get to share forms made with custom sections for various clients and tasks. Along these lines, workers just need to gather significant data without having to manually draw new forms each time. 

Accurate Performance Reports

Whenever all area, time, and task data is kept in one spot, information analysis becomes easier. Through AI and straightforward measurable instruments, the software can create thorough task and executive reports. These reports permit managers to know how useful their team and executives are.

Through software-generated reports, supervisors can see efficiency on multiple grounds such as customer satisfaction and the number of tasks completed. They can generate outlines, and guidelines for better performance through factual inputs.

Improve Your Field Operations With TrackoField 

Maintaining a team of field executives is undoubtedly a very cumbersome process. This is the case, especially because of the remoteness of the team. From managing tasks, attendance, and productivity to documents and customer relations, you will definitely need software help. 
So, what are you waiting for? Choose employee management software like TrackoField to align your field operations with your business goals and strategies to boost profitability!

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