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A car is certainly one of the most prized possession one owns, apart from a house, of course. While for the privileged, it isn’t exactly a big deal. However, for some people, it’s years of hard work, effort, and blood and sweat. Having said that, a car, like other assets, loses its value when it’s driven. Even if it’s being driven on smooth roads in Dubai. Not only this, but it may also start to malfunction after a point in time. To avoid this, you need to care for your car. And this needs more than taking it to car wash services every week. Here’s given you simple car care tips:

Check Engine Oil

Regularly monitoring and replacing your car’s engine oil is crucial to keeping it in good working condition. Every month, check the engine oil in your automobile and get it changed according to the criterion you follow, whether it’s the mileage or the time period one.

Keep in mind that the condition of your car’s engine is significantly influenced by the engine oil. As a result, you should always choose an oil brand that is appropriate for your automobile. Before changing the oil on your automobile, make sure to check its mileage, oil brand, and viscosity.

Replace the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs have a direct impact on a vehicle’s performance. They must be in excellent shape if you don’t want your car to break down in nowhere because they start your car’s engine.

Replace your spark plugs if you feel that they aren’t functioning correctly or that starting your automobile is taking a long time and requiring many attempts.

Change Air Filter

It is often recommended that you change your air filter along with your engine oil every time. Dust and other dangerous particles can still reach your car’s engine despite having a filthy and clogged air filter.

Inspect Windshield Wipers

You must make it a practice to inspect the wipers on your automobile before each rainy season. Don’t let the issue persist if they aren’t functioning properly; instead, replace them. This is crucial since deteriorated wipers will obstruct your view during severe downpours or blizzards. As a result, you should thoroughly check your wiper blades before the beginning of the rainy season and the winter and replace them if necessary.

Inspect Fluid Levels

The automobile also contains a number of additional fluids in addition to the engine oil. In order to maintain your automobile functioning properly, you must routinely check coolants, transmission fluids, power steering fluids, and brake fluids, among others.

If they don’t have the necessary levels, check for leaks and get them refilled.

Ensure Regular Maintenance

Taking it in for timely car repairs is a great way to ensure it is operating effectively. You should always take your automobile to your mechanic’s garage for a checkup if you believe it isn’t operating correctly. It’s always wise to get your automobile regularly inspected to maintain its health and length of life.

However, it is always preferable to speak with professionals in your neighborhood, in order to get the best experience. By doing this, you’ll connect with the most knowledgeable automobile experts.

Inspect Car Tyres

Your car’s tyres are crucial in guaranteeing its safety. They are in charge of stopping your vehicle in an emergency as well as ensuring that it has sufficient road traction.

Tyres play a key function, thus it’s necessary to keep them in the finest condition possible. As a result, you should frequently check the air pressure in your tyres and look for any symptoms of damage. Consider replacing your tyres if you believe they are worn out.

In addition to affecting the vehicle’s ability to grip the road, tyre pressure also has an impact on fuel efficiency. The automobile will use more gasoline if the pressure is too low. Therefore, it is advised to check your tyres’ pressure once a week for the best driving experience.

Also, avoid driving your car if it has worn-out tyres. Look for a tyre shop in Dubai that offers the best auto repair services. Otherwise, it can prove to be fatal for you.

Following these tips will help to improve the lifespan of your car and enhance its performance. 

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