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5 Apps That Are Free From Scams


Apps are truly fascinating. You think of an issue that is clouding your life, and the chances are that there is an app out there that helps eliminate it.

Whether it be tracking your sleep, staying connected with friends, organizing your work, or reminding yourself to stay hydrated, it seems like there is an app out there for it all! It isn’t a surprise that, as predicted by Statista, total app downloads are expected to surpass 184 billion in 2024.

However, the world of apps comes with its fair share of problems. For starters, there are a lot of scams, privacy issues, and breaches that exist within different digital solutions. As per a study by TechBeacon, over 13,000 vulnerabilities were detected in apps in 2019 alone!

If you are scared about trusting the wrong app, don’t worry! All you need to do is a bit of research before downloading to ensure that the given solution is secure. Here are five apps that are by far free from scams.


As Facebook and Meta became embroiled in controversy following data breaches and questionable privacy practices, another messaging solution gained the limelight of being much more secure.

Signal might be a relatively new app, but as per cybersecurity experts, it features a scam-free experience. Just like other messaging apps, Signal allows you to message, voice call, and video call your friends and family.

The lack of a strong user base, when compared to Whatsapp, might seem suspicious to some. However, this is because phones do not come with this app as a default.

Only those who are actively concerned about their data privacy opt for messaging apps other than the conventional ones. The good thing about Signal is that it has a policy to not collect data. Apart from offering end-to-end encryption, it also allows you to self-destruct messages with no backup.

AirG – Meet New Friends

Using networking and dating apps can seem quite a tricky business. After all, you share so much on the platform, beginning from your photos and bio to your payment information (for premium features). The idea that scams might be prevalent in this digital sphere can seem daunting.

After the Tinder Swindler, being caught up in a scam because of a dating app seems like a true possibility. But, it turns out that there are options other than Tinder for meeting new people. One such option is AirG – Meet New Friends.

This app features a user base of millions of subscribers that extends across the world. You can get to know people by joining groups and communities, thereby making the initial exchange less direct and awkward.

The app itself takes measures to eliminate any dubious profiles. Not to mention that AirG itself is known to offer scam-free solutions. The company has surely come a long way from the previously prevalent AirG scam myths, which have now been debunked because of its safe offerings.


Even though Google is leading the search engine market, it is not the only search engine out there. In fact, a lot of concerns have been raised about the sheer amount of data that Google collects. Whether it be your location or your search history, everything is used to send you targeted ads.

While the search engine itself is not the issue, the ads that it shows are not always legitimate companies and can lead to scams.

This is where alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo can come in handy. Don’t let the name fool you! The app is actually great for those who wish to stay away from ads to avoid impulsive buying.

The app features the ability to block advertising networks. Instead, you can see which sites are trying to track you so that you can stay away from them. Moreover, the search engine urges sites to use an encrypted connection when a given site is visited, thereby ensuring a secure connection.


Even though Gmail certainly gets the job done, its security and privacy features could be a lot better. For starters, it does not offer the ability to send end-to-end encrypted emails! In case there is a breach in the network, this might make users vulnerable to scams.

Until Google works on such solutions, you might want to turn to other alternative emailing platforms. Also, just like Search Engines, Gmail features a lot of ads and recommendations.

On the other hand, ProtonMail is a scam-free emailing platform that is much more secure than the popular solution. Since its code is open-source, it can easily be audited and fixed for bugs.

What makes ProtonMail unique? Well, it allows you to send emails that are password-protected. Moreover, you can also send an email that deletes automatically after a given time, further making emails clad with sensitive information safe.


Of all the conventional popular apps, one app that continues to offer a safe and scam-free experience is Spotify. In the music world, there was once a time when the masses relied on unsafe downloads that led to their phones and desktops being plagued with viruses.

For this generation, the safe music streaming experience of Spotify is like a breath of fresh air. The free option barely gathers any data, thereby reducing the privacy concerns from the get-go.

Additionally, there haven’t been any reported data breaches, making its payment options seem safe as well. So, the premium option is just as safe for enthusiasts who believe that the free option doesn’t do them justice.

Ending Remarks

Don’t get us wrong! There are a plethora of other safe apps out there as well. But, with the five apps mentioned above, special measures have been taken to avoid scams and security concerns. Give them a try and make a decision for yourself.

And before downloading any app, do take a look at its security features and seek out reviews online to see if it is a safe download. If it is, don’t let anything else stop you!