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When buying a home, you need to understand the current condition of the house. After all, buying a home is often our most important purchase. Plus, it’s the space your family will call home. To protect your investment and your family, take the time to schedule a home inspection service in Vancouver. At All Happy Home Inspection in Vancouver, BC, make an informed buying decision by providing comprehensive home inspections, including a detailed written report. Our expert inspectors test the functionality and safety of the home’s systems and report the results to the buyer.

Benefits of a Home Inspection for Buyers

One pays for itself

Home inspection services in Vancouver pay for themselves if the inspection uncovers costly problems that the seller fixes. For example, if the home inspector reports that the HVAC is broken, buyers could save thousands of dollars by having the seller replace the unit.

A chance to leave

Once you enter a sales contract, you agree to buy the house. However, if the home inspection reveals problems with the property and the seller refuses to make repairs, the buyer can walk out. While most buyers wouldn’t give up the contract for minor issues, it makes sense in some cases, like repairs to a badly damaged roof.

Identify Security Issues

A home must be safe for a family. Problems like water damage, mold growth, and radon can lead to serious health problems. Other issues, such as loose stair railings, uneven floors, or a sagging ceiling, could lead to accidental damage. A home inspector reports any problems found during the inspection so safety concerns can be addressed.

Space to be negotiated

If the seller doesn’t want to spend the time on repairs, they may be willing to negotiate the price of the home. For example, if the appliances don’t work, they may agree to lower the sale price to cover the value of the new devices instead of replacing them.

Give buyers peace of mind

Buying a home is stressful. Whether or not you intend to ask the seller for repairs, it gives you peace of mind knowing the property’s condition. The buyer will not have to worry about a thousand surprises after moving. The buyer can then make a confident and informed purchase decision.

Plan ahead

In a tight housing market, some buyers skip a home inspection. However, when buying a home is this high, buyers need to understand the maintenance costs involved after the move. A home inspection helps you plan for expected expenses to repair and maintain your home. You won’t be caught off guard when these issues come up later.

You can protect your home from wind damage

Requesting a wind mitigation inspection can determine how ready your home is for the next big windstorm. You can get recommendations on improvements that will help prevent costly and/or dangerous wind damage. You can also get “wind mitigation credits,” which can save you some money on homeowners insurance.

Find out any hidden problems

There are often nooks, crannies, and hidden nooks and crannies in a home that even a regular inspection won’t necessarily be able to pinpoint. But if you order an infrared inspection, you’ll be able to see those areas as well. Professional home inspection equipment can detect insulation, rotten wood, and other problems. Infrared technology is part of its repertoire of up-to-date tools.

Get a list of issues for future reference

Another perk you get is simply your home inspection report. These reports are pretty detailed, especially if you request a complete home inspection. The more minor problems in the information won’t change your mind about buying a property or working as a bargaining chip. Still, they’re also invaluable because they show the exact condition of the property and provide you with a “checklist” for future repairs/ minor updates.


Buying a home is an exciting time. But don’t let emotion lead you off course. Take advantage of your resources, like scheduling a home inspection. At All Happy Home Inspection, we offer expert inspections for all types of properties. We offer residential and commercial property inspections in Vancouver, BC. Contact us today to schedule a buyer inspection!

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