Upgrading your home theater is a sure way of providing the ultimate entertainment experience to your family. Upgrading your entertainment system will lead to quality sound output and performance. You won’t achieve your desired outcome by purchasing and replacing a new unit with the old one. There’s more to that. Below are eight things you need to remember when upgrading your home theater system.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Your new home theater may be bigger than your older one; hence you may need more space. You may need to rearrange your furniture to create more space to facilitate the installation of your home theater system. Ensure your furniture doesn’t block any speakers or accessories of the home theater.

Depending on your upgrade, you may need to remove your TV stand and mount your TV on the wall. Upon finding yourself in this situation, ensure you mount it at eye level. When doing this, shun mounting your TV close to a window where light can negatively affect contrast. For safety purposes, use quality mounting brackets that are strong.

2. Receivers

The receiver is responsible for connecting all the components and powering all the speakers. The quality of a receiver will affect the performance of your home theater. When upgrading your audio system, ensure you get a quality receiver that matches its audio system.

Ensure the receiver has sufficient ports to accommodate all the connections. Check on the HDMI accessories that come with the receiver and test their compatibility with your audio system. If you are considering making further upgrades, ensure your receiver can easily accommodate the changes.

3. Arranging Your Speakers

Speaker positioning is vital in determining the sound quality output you receive. The speaker positioning is a determinant of the channels of your home theater system. For instance, in a 5.1-channel home theater, the left and right front channels should be at least 60 degrees away from each other, and the center channel should be between them.

Speaker positioning may vary depending on your preference. You can try different speaker positioning styles based on your desire and settle for the one that has the best sound quality. Remember to avoid damaging any wires as you’re positioning your speakers.

4. Upgrading Speaker Cables

It may seem like an easy improvement, but speaker cables have a great influence when it comes to sound quality. A quality speaker cable will bring a notable difference in the sound quality of your audio system. You don’t need to break the bank while upgrading your speaker cables, as they are affordable.

5. Upgrade HDMI Cables

Often or not, you may want to connect your home theater to your TV in a bid to maximize your entertainment pleasure. You may require to upgrade your HDMI cable while making this connection as your new home theater may be supporting the type B HDMI cable as opposed to the standard one. Ensure the HDMI cable is compatible with your current TV.

6. Upgrade Your TV

Nothing beats the experience of having a great audio system combined with a TV with great high clarity. If your budget allows, you can upgrade your TV to a newer version with great picture quality. When purchasing a new TV, consider its size, model, and clarity. Above all, ensure you check the compatibility of your new TV with your audio system.

7. Increase Your Speaker Channels

Yes, your audio desires may be satisfied by purchasing a 5.1 audio system but can your receiver support more channels? If yes, you can increase some rear speakers to spice up your audio experience. Interestingly, you can add another sub. As you’re adding more speakers, ensure you don’t overload your receiver. Also, the speakers should be compatible with your audio system.

8. Lighting

Strategic lighting in your audio space will enhance your comfort and create a unique thrill. You can consider installing warm lighting in your living room. Dimmable lamps located in strategic points will also serve the purpose. Avoid lighting that will result in on-screen reflections, as it will distort the picture quality of your TV.

Final Thought

To avoid straining financially, ensure an upgrade that is within your budget. To get the best deal, take your time and window shop in different stores before making a final decision. For the best experience, purchase your audio system from a brand that offers a warranty.

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