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Selfie frames are a fantastic source of entertainment, as they are a fun way of recording moments and create memories.

Ideal for events and parties our pre-designed templates collection allows you to create the frames you need for your self-portrait booth in the space of a couple of minutes.

You can create a memorable event by using your personal photo frame on Instagram. Modify the frame to suit the needs of your event with its details, and then you can add exciting themes that match to the themes of your celebration.

They’re an excellent way to provide entertainment for your guests. They’ll make your event memorable. The guests at your party will be thrilled to have their own selfie frame that can be used as a prop to capture special moments attending your event. Both kids and adults will have fun taking photographs.

Choose from a selection of frames, including our most popular Instagram selfie frame, as in addition to frames for Facebook selfies. Facebook self-portrait frames. You are planning to organise an event in your business and you want to make sure your event runs without the slightest hiccup?

From trade fairs and employee events these events are a great opportunity for businesses to develop connections, attract new employees, and improve the morale of employees. But how do you create an event that will be memorable?

Here Are Five Motives to Have Selfie Frame


If you’re planning to host a corporate event, entertainment for the guests must be top of the list on your list. In the real world, entertainment costs money.

If you’re planning a party with a small budget, some templates can enable everyone to enjoy the event without spending a lot.

Comparatively to other types of entertainment, like performers, selfie booths, comedians and magicians, Instagram frames are a bargain compared to other forms of entertainment. Such as magicians and frame prop for Instagram is an affordable price.

Furthermore, you’ll receive free customization, as well as free shipping when you purchase so that the purchase of a Personalised Selfie Frame will only be one percent of the budget.

Create An Event

Advertising positives for your company can help increase the awareness of your company’s brand and to get noticed by those who are interested in your brand.

Does your company celebrate its anniversary? Are you enjoying the highest-profit year in history? Whatever the reason, making an attractive frame of images that screams out the success of your business would be a fantastic concept for employees to revel in.

If the occasion is significant, you should make a custom template. For instance the Instagram frame which will stand out.

Selfie frame
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Enhance The Social Media Channels You Use

Being a social media-friendly firm is essential in 2022. If you’re not engaging with your customers through the platforms available, then you’re hindering the growth of the company. Facebook selfie frames are an excellent way to make your presence known online.

In addition, they create fun and easily shared images that many users tend to share to their private Facebook as well as Instagram accounts to get cost-free advertising!

However, does having a presence on social media benefit your company significantly? When you share your photos in your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can benefit by showing your customers how important the morale of your employees and a welcoming team are to your image.

The event also will highlight the event’s theme. It’s advantageous if you’ve earned significant profit or secured the most lucrative partnership agreement.

Take note that even when one of the staff doesn’t upload selfies on social media themselves. They’ll be tagged alongside them by other staff members. The idea is that these pictures can significantly increase the likelihood of attracting an employee’s attention or business interest.

Enhances The Efficiency Of Networking

Another advantage of the frame selfie is that it can assist you in connecting with others and establish important business connections.

Networking can be an overwhelming task, especially when you’re faced with the multitude of new faces that you need to remember!

The selfie frame allows attendees and members of the team to come together and make contacts similar to cards used in modern business. However pictures can help you remember those who were present in the moment and even make connections on LinkedIn as well as other social media platforms.

What are you waiting for? Why not invest in a customised selfie frame featuring your company’s logo to advertise your company? If you are able to post this on social media and other platforms, you could be able to catch the interest of a large pool of potential employees too!

Improve Communication Among Staff

How you conduct your employees is extremely crucial. Make sure you create a pleasant and positive working environment. Morale of your employees will rise.

At work, there are many employees who don’t have the opportunity to interact and talk to each other. This can lead to an absence of communication and cause them to be unsociable at work.

If you’re planning a group night out or team-building occasion, an image frame might provide the entertainment your employees want. They’re also accessible by all staff members and let them make use of them to break the “ice”!

Selfie Frame Printing At Events

Why not have your picture captured using your own frame to use for Instagram, Facebook selfies frame or frame to take selfies using Twitter?

If you’re looking to add an extra dimension of fun to your event which is ideal for capturing those amazing Instagram selfie boards then search for something else! With a custom selfie frame it will get your guests to look at the camera from the corner.

Personalised Selfie Frame
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Custom Instagram Frames Are A Great Alternative For Any Event That Needs To Be Remembered.

Like, for instance, the photo booth at the club with the biggest crowd or the newest member of the event’s team or frames for wedding pictures; by creating your own selfie frames will truly add a touch of glamour to (sorry) every event in an elegant way.

No matter what exactly you need from the design you come up with will satisfy your requirements. Our custom foamex sheet can be created by hand with stunning designs that are ideal for your special occasion so that you have photos that truly stand out.

In the case that you already have an idea in your head. It’s okay, simply submit it to us to send it in Ai as well as PDF format. And we’ll get started on your printing process and design your Instagram frame of your own within a matter of minutes!

If you’re having difficulty deciding what to do , or you’re not enthusiastic about designing even using Instagram’s Instagram selfie boards templates take a look at our sign printing services that includes more than just selfie frame printing. We also have the Foamex sign.

Instagram Frame for Special Events

Our in-house graphic designers can make the most stunning Instagram frame selfies that are certain to please visitors with the expert designs that can bring your creative ideas to life!

Everybody is aware of the importance of social media and how it has been a major element of the culture of events. Therefore, why not offer your event a helping hand by creating your own Instagram-friendly photo frame your guests will love?

If you’re responsible for large-scale events and need an economical method of keeping people entertain and wish to get your event notice and memorable, then you can savour all the cake and have fun doing it by customising Instagram frames for your walls.

Instagram Cutout Frame

Perfect for recording the most memorable memories of events for corporate, or effectively promoting your event with our selfie frames our frames can be use to fulfil all these needs and at a price that is unbeatable and with the high quality.

We’ll even deliver our frames for selfies on Facebook to anyone within the UK with no shipping charges. You’ll get a top-quality item deliver straight to your door for no. We’re this kind of person. Additionally, we have options of speeding up the manufacturing process.