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If you want to stand out in the cosmetic industry, you must focus on the packaging of your products. For eyeshadow products, most of cosmetic business are creating unique Custom Eyeshadow Boxes to grab the customer ratio. 

To give your custom eyeshadow packaging box, colors and graphics on the box play a vital role to enhance the appearance of your product. Nowadays, every woman is conscious about their beauty and they don’t want to compromise on the beauty products quality they use. For this purpose, you should take advantage of custom packaging boxes to aware beauty conscious female about product. You can tell them information like, how to use, expiry dates, and color pellets. 

Please read this article, to learn the easy three steps for creating custom eyeshadow box

Choosing Durable Material 

If you select the robust material, then you don’t have to worry about your eyeshadow pellets to get damage. Consequently, you should definitely choose a long-lasting substance for the eyeshadow box. You can select material including Card-stock, eco-Kraft, and cardboard to manufacture custom eyeshadow boxes. You have the freedom to specify both the necessary material and the desired aesthetic layout.

Card stock and Kraft paper are strong and durable materials that can be purchased at a reasonable price. It will keep the product safe for an extended period of time. Although both can be made in a range of thicknesses. You can select the thickness ranges between 14pt to 24pt. Normally 14pt and 16pt is used to pack the eyeshadows but it all depends on the product weight.  

Style and Designs 

Style and design is the only solution to give your packaging an impressive look. Selecting the unique style that is according to the specification of product will give your eyeshadows an attractive look. Some of styles include; die-cut, sleeve packaging, window boxes, and hang tabs. 

Companies that wish to give their clients an excellent unwrapping experience use these boxes. These customized eyeshadow boxes are more stylish than standard boxes. They help you in distinguishing yourself from the competitors. 

You can stand out from the crowd thanks to their designs, printing techniques, separators, covers, and materials. The cost of custom packaging design is not expensive but it all depends on what type of customization you demand. The printing technique, the design, the add-ons, and the many types of distinctive packaging all have a role in determining it.

Every Packaging Needs Customization

Did you know that the packaging is a major factor in a woman’s decision to purchase this product? Consequently, you may choose from a wide range of attractive and artistic eyeshadow packaging options, provided by every major packaging manufacturer. Additional benefits of custom eyeshadow packaging include preventing the shadows from being broken or otherwise damaged during shipping.

With the development of technology, it is now easier for manufacturers of packaging to design boxes in an original way and win over customers with alluring features included into the design. Customers can be drawn in by the box-producing businesses‘ alluring aesthetic effects engraved on the custom eyeshadow boxes. 

Kits for applying eyeshadow come in a range of shapes and sizes. Get your packaging manufactured precisely to match the dimensions of your goods. Put different decorations on your beauty boxes to make them look more sparkling in an effort to draw more customers to your business.

Printing the Art

The boxes can gain some extra shine and coloration through the use of printing processes. When it comes to meeting simple printing needs, digital printing is widely used and inexpensive. 

Offset printing is more expensive, but it results in beautiful packaging because to the high-quality rollers used to distribute the ink. To cut costs, you can print all the boxes at once, which will require less paper and ink.

Attaining customer’s attention to your company is the difficult task. For this purpose, you can add vibrant colors and eye-catching designs to the custom boxes. To make your packaging appear lively and brighter, you can imprint artistic pictures and Bold fonts. The packaging is made more beautiful by the embossing and pattern stamping techniques. All of the necessary information on the packages can also be altered. The critical information printed on the box will boost customer confidence in your company while providing them with flexibility.

Finishing for a Glossy Look

In addition, the goal of Add-ons is to meet the marketing demands of your packaging. They boost the bespoke eyeshadow packaging’s brightness and visibility.

Consumers are sure to buy up any attractive packaging. However, the matte coating is unique in every way to the packaging rather than a glossy one. Customers looking for captivating black boxes for their eyeshadow boxes because it looks stylish.

Furthermore, possible embellishments include spot UV, embossing, debossing, and window cutting. Depending on your specific requirements and preferences, you can opt for a different Extension. 


These above three easy steps will help you out to transform the ordinary packaging into attractive packaging box. If you are looking for the custom packaging box manufacturer? Then, choose Global Custom Packaging for your custom eyeshadow box. They have a skilled team, who will ensure to provide best custom box for your eyeshadows.

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