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Catalysts are necessary in the process of making things happen. For example, if you want to remove toxic materials from the air, you should use catalysts. They can convert hazardous chemicals into harmless forms.

The following are the types of catalysts that are commonly used:

* Co-catalyst: A co-catalyst increases the activity of an existing catalyst. It makes the catalyst more active. It speeds up the chemical reaction.

* Cocatalyst: Cocatalysts increase the selectivity of a catalyst. A cocatalyst is a substance that makes another substance more active. It enhances the activity of a catalyst.

* Oxidant: An oxidant acts as a catalyst. It is often Catalyst purchase price used to speed up the breakdown of harmful chemicals. It breaks down pollutants and toxins.

* Reductant: Reductants are substances that reduce a catalyst. They lower the catalyst’s activity. It reduces the efficiency of the catalyst.